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January 27th, 2010

03:35 pm - VALENTINE made the front page of BoingBoing!!!

Holy excellent timing, Batgirl!

Meanwhile, we're up to Episode 03 in Valentine, and 14 language editions. If you own an iPhone, eReader, Kindle, or Android phone, please do consider purchasing it as it supports myself and Christine to do more art/afford groceries.

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January 22nd, 2010

04:07 pm - Crowdsourced video project! Need your video clips / original music!

A friend and I are doing a fun, quick turnaround project where we could really use some help from any of you who want to lend a hand. We're doing a 30 to 40 second spec commercial that is basically a montage of greatest hits of FIRE. As in, things burning and fun stuff involving light.

We could also *really* use a good piece of music as the music provided is unbelievably lame. The music has to be only 40 seconds long (or able to have a discrete 40-second chunk lifted out of it) and we're looking for something fun and dancey and modern - think a bitcore reinterpretation of T.Rex's "White Swan". Lyrics, if there are any, should have to do with starting something or sparks...

Now, the video. We're looking for short (4-8 seconds, but we can cut down if necessary) 16:9 1920x1080 clips of people having fun with light and fire. We're not so concerned with awesome cinematography or lighting; this is about fun and charm. Ladies and gentlemen of the burlesque world, I'd love a clip of one of you in closeup eating fire and then winking at the camera. Folks who love doing things with light writing, we could use a video of a heart! Other folks: your kid looking adorable with a sparkler, the video from last summer of you dancing in front of a bonfire, anything like that is super-useful! We're obviously shooting our own footage over the next week in NY, but this is such a turnaround (and I have a boatload of FX work to do) that we could really use anything you have lying around

I fully realise this is a big request and I don't really expect anyone to respond, but that's the fun of the internet: you never know what may happen if you ask...

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January 19th, 2010

01:41 pm - New Video: Los Campesinos, "Romance Is Boring"

Kids, this one nearly killed me. But I am hella proud of it. We had amazing crew and actors, and I was so happy to do a video for Los Campesinos!, a band that all right-thinking people should love. They are, by the way, just as nice and super-intelligent people as you would think they are from their music.

As usual, I am an artist and therefore an absolute ho for attention and validation so if you have a moment to comment/help distribute this, it does directly help labels discover me as a filmmaker and result in potentially videos for more work. As always, if you hate it, feel free to tell me I suck; it just makes me work harder.

In a dizzy whirl of novelty for me, this video was also featured on Stereogum and Pitchfork. (My videos hardly ever get any label press or promotion, due to them often being for up and coming/unsigned artists. The few videos I've done for artists on big labels - the Puppinis on Universal Classics and Jazz, and Amanda Palmer on Roadrunner - were not promoted for reasons of artist/label drama. So I'm rather delighting in how great Wichita and Arts & Crafts are being about promoting the video.)

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December 16th, 2009

04:18 pm - Valentine: New Monthly Supernatural Thriller Comic, In 13 Languages

By the way, I write comics. Or at least I used to, until I got distracted by the music video thing. Then I got back to it. More details here (a great CBR interview), including some name-calling, which will probably come around to bite me in the arse later.

My new monthly comic, Valentine, has now launched for iPhone, Android and Kindle (plus, next week, e-Reader) - and in 13 languages*. It's only 99 cents an episode, so please do consider purchasing it.

It's hard to give too much of a description, because there are so many unexpected twists and turns in the story and I don't want to spoil them, but here's a basic summary:

During Napoleon's retreat from Russia in the War of 1812, cavalry officers Valentine and Oscar are separated from the main army by a brutal blizzard. They think the worst thing waiting out there in the snow for them is Death. They could not be more wrong.

The two soldiers stumble across an ancient conflict between beings more powerful than humanity can imagine, a conflict which now threatens to consume the Earth and all upon it - because those who have stood in the horror's path, the few bastions of light, are going home. The debut episode of the acclaimed fantasy / thriller graphic novel series by Eisner-nominated comics writer Alex de Campi and artist Christine Larsen.

*(Languages: French, Japanese, Chinese, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Hebrew and Irish).

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October 30th, 2009

03:30 pm - New Animation / Spec Commercial

This was originally begun for Etsy's 'Handmade Moment' competition, but then a series of unfortunate personal events occurred and we missed the deadline. We decided to finish the project anyway, however, and hope you enjoy it.

Score composed by Romain Battaglia. This is a somewhat special project for me, as it represents the first project I have animated fully by myself, as well as directed.

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October 19th, 2009

11:43 am - Columnista! Uncanny Valleygirl 2 Up. Go, Read, Comment.

In Uncanny ValleyGirl 2, I kvetch about being a penniless freelancer, and give an overview of current digital distributors. This has already proved somewhat controversial, and there's a lively debate about iVerse (not dead! just not interested in us!) and LongBox in the comments. Go, see, contribute: Or just read, and laugh at me tripping and faceplanting into the technology curve. Or even, perhaps, be inspired to create your own comic or find a new way to distribute/make money from an old comic you've already created.

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October 13th, 2009

11:29 am - New Column At Bleedingcool; Valentine Art Samples

Obviously enough time has passed for me to forget what a gigantic pain in the arse writing a column is, because I've started another one on digital comics. It's basically a diary of Valentine up through its launch. Go, read: there is sample art, I talk about sea monsters and insult various interest groups, and more. Also, if you enjoy the column, post a comment there as I am a dirty attn:h0r and that pleases me immensely.

Column is weekly on Mondays. Next week, I talk about Pere Ubu and digital publishers. Merdre!

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September 28th, 2009

02:38 pm - Alex's New Graphic Periodical: Translators Needed, and other Comicky Excitement

As some of you know, in October I will be launching my first new comic book series in some time, VALENTINE. It's action, with a side helping of action. It's coming out first EXCLUSIVELY on iPhone and Kindle, and in fact has been written and drawn specifically for those platforms (Fret not, there won't be any lame "motion comics", or speaking unless spoken to.) Once my co-conspirator and generally fabulous artist Christine Larsen and I have finished the entire story, we will also put it out as a full-colour graphic novel in good old paper book form... presuming of course we can find a publisher willing to take publishing rights only.

Where you come in is this. I need translators. Electronic distribution gives us a wonderful opportunity to have, at no additional fixed cost, a book launch in several languages at once, day and date. This is really important to me because, well, I have awesome friends in lots of different countries.

I am looking for people natively fluent (or near as dammit) in languages other than English to commit to translating around 60 panels of comic a month. You don't even have to letter it, if you don't want to/don't know how... you just have to send me a Word document I can copy-paste from.

In return for doing the translation and promoting the book in that language (via comic sites, blogs, whatever), we will give you 50% of the comic's net earnings in that edition. In other words: You live in Brazil. You translate VALENTINE into Portugues. You get 50% of the net sales of the Portuguese-edition episodes, so if you write to a few blogs or comics news sites about the book, you stand to earn more.

So yes, come ye, oh speakers of Hebrew, of Japanese, of Hindi, of French and of Russian... and any and every other language. Let's take this series global.

I have several more graphic novel projects on the way; various old friends of mine and I have basically decided, fuck it, we're going to work on really cool stories, really slowly, and see how far we can get without publishers. Igor Kordey and I are planning to continue SMOKE (yes, finally); Alem Curin and I (our ESCAPIST story may someday see the light of day) are planning to collaborate on something called FAUSTINE that will be pretty damn disturbing and psychedelic; and my old Humanoids collaborators Ed Ocana (MESSIAH COMPLEX) and Luigi di Giammarino (ADAM) are also planning stuff.

Speaking of my French series MESSIAH COMPLEX and ADAM, I bought the rights back to those books and soon electronic editions will be available in French and English for iPhone at a bargain 99 cents per issue. Translators: if you're interested in doing translations for those books as well, or indeed SMOKE which is already available at Comixology, the same 50% deal applies.

I'll post some art soon. It's all getting pretty exciting round here.

Current Music: Ace Frehley - (Back in the) New York Groove

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September 10th, 2009

11:43 am - New video for Marcella & the Forget Me Nots: "What Have You Done To Your Face?"

...Although this one feels a bit more like an art piece.

Also on vimeo, if you'd rather. More to say about this later; it was originally going to be a live video but then we decided not to so this was built up over a couple months of filming, and contemplating societal beauty standards and the feminine pursuit of youth. Marcella is wonderful to work with because she thought this was a FINE idea for a video.

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September 1st, 2009

06:19 pm - New Comics! Punching! Other Best Things!

I have spent the past three days driving between Brooklyn and the South Bronx in a box van, collecting furniture from Craigslist sellers/donators. (Should I be proud that I am 37 and my new husband's and my first apartment together has been furnished via Freecycle and $50 Craigslist furniture bargains? Or is it just a bit pathetic?). Anyway, three days of Manhattan-related road rage plus a unique stellar alignment of work-related women being utter arses has left Alex not a happy girl.

But there is salvation, as ever, in comics. I've been saving up my comics-related news for a while and it's time to spill.

If you have an iPhone, and have never bought the three issues of Smoke - my action/sci-noir that came out from IDW some years ago - you can go Comixology's fab iPhone app and get each issue for a mere 99 cents to read in iTunes! Or just nab the free 17-page preview of issue 1. At comixology this week Smoke is the featured item and there is also a podcast with me where I say "um" a lot, mumble a little, and mention several pieces of exciting news. I'll leave the podcast to explain the exciting news first, but will mention it all next week once the podcast has moved on to its next victim subject.

Later this week, the League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen podcast name-checks my soon-to-be-published Kat & Mouse 4 (Tokyopop) as an all-ages comic to read. The podcast also guest-stars Harris O'Malley or

graphicnovelist of this parish, so you should definitely check it out when it goes up at


I have mixed feelings about Kat & Mouse 4 finally being published. On the one hand, it's some of my, Fe', and Cari's best work and I'm glad it's finally out of limbo and able to conclude the series. On the other hand, Tokyopop are only rushing it out because if they don't publish it by 26 September, the rights revert to me - and I'd actually do something with them, instead of just sitting on them as Tokyopop is doing. They won't even let the book be put on Comixology, which blows as it's JUST the sort of book that would work great being read by tweens on their phones.

But that's been my week - win some, lose more. Nothing's really a clear-cut "good" at the moment. Unless you like my comics, in that you'll think it's a clear-cut good I'm finally writing some new ones, and getting around to finishing some old ones. If you don't like my comics, oh internet person, I refer you to Tina Fey's Golden Globes acceptance speech.

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